End At The Beginning

by The IOUs

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End At The Beginning is an album produced by Somerset based rock band The IOUs.

It was recorded in 3 sessions from February 2014 to August 2014.

It is an album about loss, impermanence and memory; and how we cannot let these things define us but move forward in the knowledge that they contribute to who we are.

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released June 5, 2015

All songs written by Nick Boyland and Mark Moran.

Songs recorded, mixed and produced by Ewan Jones.

Album artwork and graphic design courtesy of True North Graphics.

Copyright 2015 The IOUs.



all rights reserved


The IOUs England, UK

The IOUs are a Somerset based rock band that formed in 2012.


Nick Boyland - Guitar / Vocals

Mark Moran -
Bass / Vocals

Hayley Boyland -
Piano / Vocals

Paul Alderson -
Drums / Vocals
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Track Name: Heartbreaker
Are you really gonna be that guy
Who speaks the words that we think but don’t say?
You’re burning bridges unaware of all this devastation in your wake
Don’t you know it’s unacceptable? To act that way in present company
Are your stories mainly fictional? An attempt to mask your fallacy

Defined by your self-denial

Heart breaker - Behaviour predictable
Heart breaker - Not everyone’s usable

Someday you’re gonna realise
That there should be more to life than this
Waking in a stranger’s bed; won’t make your lonely feelings disappear
You’re longing for consistency even if you don’t quite realise it
A fleeting possibility she might really be the thing you seek

You lack any self-respect

Heart breaker - Behaviour predictable
Heart breaker - Not everyone’s usable
Heart breaker - Feelings disposable
Heart breaker- You’re so self-delusional

I wrote this song to let you know; you are so self-destructible
I wrote this song to let you know; your friends think you should let it go
Track Name: Cliche
We all know this one; you’ve probably heard it all before
Another boring song; predictable and self-assured
A brand new life begins, a spark of light; an open door
Self-deprecation ends; forgetting who I was before

This song’s a cliché but it’s mine
And I guess in some way it’s alright,
These words rhyme

Assurance spoken once but now just echoes in my ears
He gave me ignorance, indifference through all these years
So I won’t be like him; a promise made within these words
Each day I’ll try to live; being the person you deserve
Track Name: Start Smiling
You took unreservedly then you abandoned me
(Feelings remain)
Is this how it’s gonna be leaving so callously
(Don’t know his name)
Pleading so desperately he gives you all you need?
(She’s not the same)
What is it that’s wrong with me causing your heart to leave?
(You’re not to blame……. No not today)

Turn your back on the years spent together;
she’s moved on to somebody new
Burn those photos and rip up the letters;
the relics of something that’s through
It’s the things we don’t choose that define us
that makes you the person you’ll be
So boy do your best to forget her
“There’s plenty more fish in the sea”
Start smiling

Tearing down walls we built Shocked by your lack of guilt
(They crumble down)
Making things crystal clear - I’ve wasted so many years
(Your frail design)
Some part of me always knew - I loved much more than you
(She had you blind)
If this is the path you choose - I guess you and me are through
(You will be fine…… Blood of mine)

(Start smiling)
So brother you’re better off – Without her to hold you
Keep this song as a souvenir and move on now you’re stronger
Track Name: Pain Is Like A Poison
Pain is like a poison; once you give up fighting
It’ll find your weakness get into your veins
(Don’t you let it beat you) X 3
(Don’t you let it win)

It can make you bitter, creep in like a cancer
Turn the world against you; slowly fading away
(Won’t you stand and fight it?) X 3
(Won’t you stay here with me?)

Pain can make you feel so alive; instead of nothing at all
From situation so hard, comes something beautiful
Track Name: Lost In You
Restart my heart it just stopped beating
Set my bones; they’re brittle breaking

Skin and cartilage is forming; healing wounds and scar tissue
Seeing you for the first time; I realise that I have been blind

In your eyes i see the truth; what i once was is lost in you

My nervous systems feeling brave again
The traumas there but i feel it fading

In your eyes i see the truth; what I once was is lost in you
Fragile heart, make it through; Now we’ve met, I’m lost in you

Understand me; you’re the one that I need
And in this darkness you’re the light that I seek
You are the reason you’re the air that I breathe
My beloved I will bleed when you bleed
Track Name: Not Enough
Impossibly I try, to hang on to the truth
But thoughts and confusions, have led me back to you
You might be the one, that I should fall upon
But I have come this far now, I'll just see this through

Listen to the words, they all sound the same
I piece them to fit whatever, I want them to say
Why do I need you now, when I do all the work
I feel most peace when I hear nothing at all

I've brought a love I will never know
I've brought a love I will never know
I've brought a love I will never know
It's not enough, not enough

People scold me now, but I'm too tired to care
Apathy is my best friend, so I won't meet you there
What a stupid choice, but one for me to choose
I've come up short again in a game I cannot lose
Track Name: Those Raised Voices
Under bed sheets; those raised voices
The light won’t find you; I will keep you safe
She once loved him, now he’s just drink
“Pour me one more”; she pushes that door shut

She said – “No, you won’t be like him; it’s time this line was broken”
“For now, Sleep in someone else’s bed”
“Life can be hard sometimes, apart we will be alright”
You saved us from our raised voices

No excuses; but he went through it
Hiding bruises; Veiled abuses home

Yes I know that truly he loved us; in despite of all his raised voices
And those Saturdays I will treasure all my life
It’s said that sons are destined to be their fathers
Daughters end up just like their mothers;
What will my children see in me?
Track Name: Oxymoronic
I hold you back ‘cos you are so much slower than me
Can’t wait to start explaining my lack of urgency
So few words validate my inconsistencies
Now maybe it ends right where we begin

A little bit of denial can help you deal with the pain
Please let me sleep with the light on and you can dance in the rain
Life’s boring with every answer so let’s live and let be
Stop all you’re over thinking and just stay here with me
(…..Or you could leave?)

I’ll tell you the truth; I’m sometimes, always lying to you
Got something to lose, and so much to gain being honest with you
This love I profess, a passing infatuation you see
My heart is a mess but the outside is clean

You said you think I might be oxymoronic?
Not sure how you missed that flaw to be honest
My non-committal contradiction; you got it
Maybe I’ll change?
Track Name: Precipice
You and I are on a precipice (And something’s wrong)
I’m starting to think we might not last through this (I’ll play along)
Stepping back feels like accepting it (I’m not that strong)
Your insincerity brings this abyss

Your regret can’t change this; it’s broken, it can’t be fixed
This was once so perfect but it will end here on this precipice

So where do we go now your betrayals exposed (I can’t forget)
I think of you two every time were close (Your hearts intent)
It’s not the act, as such, that’s ending us (Years misspent)
It’s the way you lied; destroying all the trust

Your regret can’t change this; it’s broken, it can’t be fixed
This was once so perfect but it will end here on this precipice
Your regret can’t change this; it’s broken - it can’t be fixed
You and I are done here so we’ll end it on this precipice

We don’t belong here on the edge; your fiction brought us to this ledge
The love we shared is lost, decayed; our hearts are endless miles away
Track Name: Beds Are For Sleeping (And Other Stuff)
I'm holding you close to me tonight
Feeling your chest expand; breathing in & out
We're trying to speak but words collide
You know what you mean to me; let’s stop this pointless fight

You're piercing the silence with your words
My back isn't listening; it’s heard this all before
Together but feeling so alone
You turn and with tears in your eyes; you ask me "what went wrong?"

Beds are for sleeping (and other stuff)
Not telling lies (you're paranoid)
Love breaks when you bend it (it's not advised)
At odds, we collide (we're paralyzed)

There's an obvious end to this charade
Words on the tips of our tongues; healing scars we've made
I swallow my pride and turn to speak
There’s no-one there next to me; "We're too far gone darling"
Track Name: 8:14
I saw you in that room, on that bed, that night
They told me there’s no hope and I knew they were right
A bedside vigil starts, but the words never come
Dysfunction had me blind, trying to find a scions love

Why do I just feel numb? No tears have I to fall
The others come undone; I don’t feel anything at all

Sat on a foldout chair; choosing words, phoning her
I heard it in her voice; the pain of loss, of things that were
Her memories are good, mine are tarred with regret
What I saw that morn, at 8:14, I won’t forget

(I tell myself that I won’t feel anything)
Track Name: Cacophany Of...
I'll be the one to understand
I'll be whatever so I can,
fall into you, fall into you,
fall into you and all your charms
(you know that)

There's only one thing on my mind,
It’s the burning thought of your rapport
I'll spend the hours that go by,
Trying to understand what I need to show
I'll be you’re confidant or not,
I will follow you or leave you be
If it brings me to the core
Of what makes you special to all those people

It will take you too long to know,
There's no thought in my head worth any salt
But the memory will hold,
A special thought and another lesson
Please take heart in the fact,
That every lie helped obtain your beauty
Please don't lie to yourself,
That you preserve your love for a worthy victor

I'll stay around ‘til this all blows over

I would do for you anything, anything
(Anything for you)
Track Name: Hold
Tiny hands and feet - Formed so perfectly
Eyes that scarcely see - closed in endless sleep
Waiting for your call, hollow in that wall
Once my all in all, can't hold you any more

And child, you won't change, you’re frozen this way
Time won't take its toll; you’ll never, ever grow old
Your light may have gone but your memory in us lives on
One thing do I know; in everlasting days I will hold you again

So lay those flowers down, put them on the ground
This house is quiet now, the silence ringing out
An empty space remains; the loss it never fades
But in His loves embrace, I know we'll meet again

When this earth I leave; will you wait for me?
By that crystal sea; in eternity